★★【Online Self-Learning for Pandemic Prevention】★★

In view of the severe global spreading of COVID-19, all members of the School are required to complete the online self-learning and test for pandemic prevention. Newcomers are no exception and have to complete the task no later than the date of employment.

If your listening comprehension in Chinese permits, please log in to the following URL  to watch the film recorded in Mandarin by one of our infection control experts. Just be reminded to keep watching for at least 30 minutes and pass the test by answering four questions out of five correctly, in order to be verified by the Information System as “task completed”.

   ♥For faculty, staff and full-time project personnel-- KMU E-learning Platform http://wm.kmu.edu.tw/info/10040005

   For temporary workers-- https://personnel.kmu.edu.tw/images/donload/new/感染控制課程-肺炎1090206.mp4

If not, please read the following two articles from US CDC, instead.



★★【TOCC Survey】★★

In order to actively prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in the School, all members of the School are required to complete the online TOCC Survey according to the fact viaT.1.0.010b.旅遊與接觸史in the School’s Campus Information System. And newcomers are required to do so no later than the date of employment, as well. Later on, during the period of service, those traveling abroad or with suspected coronavirus symptoms must redo the survey upon arriving in Taiwan or appearing of the signs. According to the Communicable Disease Control Act, failure to comply with the policy may lead to a penalty up to NT$150,000.

Identity Faculty and Staff Project Personnel Temporary Workers
English version click to login click to login click to login

   ♥Living-together Family Members’ Recent Travel and Contact History Survey (conducted on March 18, 2020)  Click to login

   Survey on Travel and Contact History during the Four-Day Tomb Sweeping Festival (conducted on April 6, 2020)  Click to login

   Survey on History of Cluster and Contact with the Crew Members and Trainees of Taiwan's Navy Vessels-Part I (conducted on April 19, 2020)  Click to login

   Survey on History of Cluster and Contact with the Crew Members and Trainees of Taiwan's Navy Vessels-Part II (conducted on April 21, 2020)  Click to login

    Epidemic Prevention Survey for KMU faculty, staff, project personnel, and their household members (conducted on September 7, 2020)  Click to login

★★【Going Abroad and Leave Request】★★

Before this pandemic ends, please avoid traveling abroad. When asking for a leave, it is required that everyone disclose whether he/she is going abroad. If so, flight information such as travel destinations and places for transit/transfer must be provided, with evidence of approval obtained from the School’s President and flight itinerary attached.

However, unless the trip is indispensable, urgent and approved by the School’s President beforehand, such leave requests will be denied. Even trips during holidays or annual leave must be reported accordingly.

In case of a leak in epidemic prevention caused by a concealed history of travel and contact, the School will surely look into the relevant liability and hold the pertinent person accountable.

★★【Annual Employee Outing】★★

Under the impact of COVID-19, the School's annual Employee Outing 2020, both domestic and foreign tours, has been suspended, starting Mid-February through the end of June, with derived liquidated damages to be paid by the School.

★★【Gentle Reminders】★★

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, please be reminded to wash hands frequently, wear a face mask when social distancing is not available, observe coughing and sneezing etiquette, and avoid going out into public places. It’s everyone’s responsibility to follow related preventive measures and ensure the safety and health of all members of the School. If anyone feels unwell, he/she is urged to call the toll-free Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline, 1922 (or 0800-001922), and inform the physician of any history of travel.

🙅CECC Measures for Following Up on Persons at Risk of Infection    website to download