Brief History

In the early years of the school’s establishment in 1954, a "Personnel Section" was set up to manage the entire school's personnel administration.

Starting from the academic year 1980-1981, in line with the school's organizational restructuring, it was renamed the "Personnel Office".

From the academic year 2019-2020 onwards, in response to role transformation and service enhancement, it was once again renamed the "Human Resources Office".


To transform the role from "Human Resource Management" to "Strategic Human Resource Management.


To align with the school's objectives and provide talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies, ensuring that faculty and staff are in the right positions to achieve maximum human capital efficiency.


The Human Resources Office is headed by one director and consists of the Division of Human Development and the Division of Welfare and Appraisal, each led by a division head. The responsibilities of each division are as follows:

Division of Human Development: faculty and staff recruitment, promotion, evaluation, joint appointments, transfers, secondments, rotations, staff education and training, faculty and staff further education, managerial appointments, payroll operations for faculty and staff, unit service quality satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, etc.

Division of Welfare and Appraisal: remuneration, staff probation, promotions, rewards and punishments, performance appraisal, inclusion of contract employees, retirement, compensation, layoffs, insurance, various welfare subsidies, attendance management, employee assistance programs, employment and insurance operations for full-time research assistants, research scholarship grantees, part-time research assistants, and temporary worker, etc.