Reminders regarding faculty and staff's leave application:

1.For those who are making a leave request for the 1st time, please be reminded to finish setting substitute candidates during leaves and the review process for request approval via "T.1.2.03." and "T.1.2.04." beforehand.

2.It is imperative that all leave requests be made 3 days in advance. For delayed application, reasons for failure to submit beforehand are mandatory.

3.The minimum unit for leave request is 0.5 days. However, starting March 24, 2017, some types of leave (i.e., family care leave, personal leave, sick leave, menstruation leave, pre-maternity leave, paternity leave, official business leave, occupational sickness leave, and overtime compensatory leave for employees) may also be taken by hour via “T.1.2.15.”.

4.All types of leave except annual leave are granted every academic year, thus, continuous leave across two academic years is unacceptable, while annual leave, which accrues on the basis of seniority, is to be taken within the 12-month period commencing on an anniversary of one’s employment date.

5.Attachment upload is required for the following leave types, or the request will be unable to be submitted for approval: sick leave(03, 2 days & above), official business leave (04), wedding leave (05), maternity leave (06), funeral leave (07), occupational sickness leave (08), other leave (10, for specific reasons only), pre-maternity leave (22), miscarriage leave (23), paternity leave (24), parental leave (28).

6.No carry-over or payment in lieu will be granted for the unused annual leave at the end of the leave year or upon the termination of the employment contract, except for contract employees.

7.Once a leave request is submitted, the record will be deletable only by Personnel Office.

Steps to follow when applying for an Official Business Leave:

1.Add a new application.

2.Choose from the list of leave types.

3.Specify the period and duration of leave.

4.Complete the information required for Official Business Leave, including the reason, funding source and number of days for travel expenses reimbursement, as well as whether you travel with THSR.

5.Disclose the purpose of leave, e.g., name of the conference you’re attending.

6.Specify whether this trip has anything to do with sister school exchanges.

7.Disclose information about the travel destination.

8.Choose a colleague as your substitute during your absence.

9.Save the record.

10.Upload a pertinent document concerning your business trip, e.g., a signed RFA, an invitation letter or an acceptance letter. 

11.Submit the application for approval.

Steps to follow when applying for the school year 2022/23’s leaves by the end of July 2022 :

1. Make sure that the list of substitute candidates during leaves in program "T.1.2.03.” of KMU Campus Information System and the review process for request approval in "T.1.2.04." are both valid for the school year 2022/23.
(Please be reminded that if there is a change in the supervisor in the original review process after the announcement of the next school year’s supervisor list, you’ll have to log on to program "T.1.2.04." to change the settings yourself. Failure to do so will make it impossible for leave requests to be reviewed successfully.)

2. When filling out an online leave request via "T.1.2.05." or "T.1.2.15.", please do make sure to change the duration of absence on the upper left corner to "1110801~1120731", and revise the number in “school year” column to "111", or you will be unable to save and submit the leave request.