Retirement of staff members is divided into voluntary retirement, age-mandated retirement.

Voluntary retirement:

A staff member shall be granted voluntary retirement in either of the following circumstances:
1. The staff member has reached the age of 60.
2. The staff member has been employed for 25 full years.

Age-mandated retirement:
When a staff member reaches the age of 65.

When a staff member applies for retirement:

1.Prepare the applicable documents for retirement. And the application should be processed 4 months before the effective date of retirement.

2.The employing school, which shall compile applications and forward them to the Fund Management Committee for it to review for approval within 2 months from the day following its receipt. If necessary, the period may be extended and the applicant will be notified of the extension. Only one extension may be granted, and the extension may not exceed one month.


Person in Charge and Extension:Huang, Ya-Yi (2062, 2104), currently covered by Chen, Ya Wen (2066, 2104)