Notes on Mandatory & Voluntary Pension Contribution Claim Applications for Foreign Workers

1. When a foreign worker is employed, the employer should contribute six percent of the salary/wages as the worker’s Mandatory Pension Contribution, meanwhile, the worker should also contribute another six percent as his/her Voluntary Pension Contribution.

2. Settlement of the above Mandatory & Voluntary Pension Contribution is required upon termination of employment.

3. For claiming the Pension Contribution, please fill out the Claim Application Form and Withdrawal Notice for Sub-account’s Pension Contribution as follows with a photocopy of the passbook attached, then have these documents sent to Human Resources Office: Ms. Ya-Ling Yang for Full-time workers or Ms. Meng-Chun Hsieh for part-time or temporary workers.

4. After the settlement, the Pension Contribution with the remittance fee deducted beforehand will be remitted from the Bank of Taiwan to each claimant's payroll bank account.

5. The right to claim Mandatory & Voluntary Pension Contributions shall be extinguished if not exercised within ten years from the last day or the date of death.