Case Handling Unit: Division of Regulation Affairs, Secretariate (Ext. 2808)

Faculty Complaints

§  教師申訴書 Form: Teacher Complaint

§  教師申訴答辯書 Form: Pleading to Teacher Complaint

§  教師申覆處理要點 Regulation: Guidelines for Faculty Grievances Processing

§  教師申訴評議委員會設置要點 Regulation: Guidelines for the Establishment of the Faculty Appeals Committee

Staff or Project Assistants' Complaints

§  職員工申訴書 Form: Staff Complaint

§  職員工申訴答辯書 Form: Pleading to Staff Complaint

§  職員工申訴辦法 Regulation: Regulations Governing Staff Complaints


Case Handling Unit: Human Resources Office (Ext. 2064, 2104)

Cases of Sexual Assault, Harassment 

§  性別平等教育委員會專區連結 link to Gender Equality Education Committee  

§  職員工性騷擾防治、申訴及懲戒辦法    Regulation: Regulations on Prevention, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment of School Staff


 Case Handling Unit: Office of Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health (Ext. 2278), Human Resources Office (Ext. 2068, 2104)

Cases of  Workplace Bullying

§  職場不法侵犯防止計畫   Direction: Workplace Bullying Prevention Plan

§  環安衛違規事件舉報系統    Environmental Safety and Health Incident Reporting System