Please be advised that the fall semester 2023’s Subsidy for Children's Education will be open for application from Tuesday, August 1, 2023, to Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Eligible full-time faculty and staff members need to submit their applications by the deadline via the School’s Campus Information System "T.1.8.01 Children's Education Subsidy Application" program. Important reminders to follow when submitting applications are as stated below:

I. In order to complete the application, please first "Save" the form, then upload the "Electronic Attachment", and finally click on "Send Application Form.".

II. For those who pay in cash, the tuition & miscellaneous fee payment notice must have a payment receipt stamp affixed. For those who do not pay in cash, the tuition & miscellaneous fee payment notice and proof of payment deduction must be attached. For students studying abroad, please select the appropriate subsidy standard according to their school system.

III. The subsidy is paid in accordance with the pertinent education subsidy standard for children of civil servants, except that if the actual amount of tuition and miscellaneous fees paid is less than the subsidy standard, the actual amount paid will be subsidized. Repeat applications for students who are repeating a grade, retaking a course, or taking a second degree will be denied.


IV. Please contact Ms. Yang (ext. 2069) at the Human Resources Office if you need to make corrections after submitting the application.