Please be advised that according to the Ministry of Labor, the minimum monthly wage is to be increased from NT$25,250 to NT$26,400, and the minimum hourly wage from NT$168 to NT$176, with effect from January 1, 2023. Thus, the minimum remuneration for full-time assistants will be adjusted accordingly, while the payroll services for part-time assistants and temporary workers to be dealt with as follows.

I. If the salary category of the contract in the University’s Campus Information System is "daily wage" and the original hourly wage is lower than NT$176, the System will automatically adjust it to NT$176, which will increase labor insurance coverage and premiums; if the original hourly wage is equal to or higher than NT$176, the amount in the System will remain unchanged.


II. If the salary category of the contract is "monthly salary", the amount will not be automatically adjusted by the System. In such cases, the PIs will have to make sure the hourly salary (total salary divided by total hours of work) complies with the regulations or the original salary plan. If the requirements are not met, please reduce the number of work hours or terminate the contract, complete the separation procedures, sign a new contract according to the stipulated salary, and report to the Human Resources Office at least 3 days before employment.