Please be advised that effective as of December 2, 2022, faculty, staff, and project personnel are no longer required to obtain the principal's approval before going abroad; hence there is no need to attach a letter of approval or flight schedule to the leave request of such kind. Instead, the recommendations of the Central Epidemic Command Center regarding global epidemics, border control, and prevention measures should be consulted when planning an itinerary abroad, following point 11 of the Ministry of Education's "Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia in Colleges and Universities" amended on October 7, 2022.

However, when asking for official leave, please still check whether you are going abroad, and fill in the reason for the leave and the place of travel in detail, to facilitate the collection and screening of information required for accreditations; please also attach the relevant official documents to the leave request and set up the review process to the first-level administrator of the unit, to comply with the University’s hierarchical structure for reviewing leave requests.

As for the leave application for faculty members with attending physician status, the regulations of the University's affiliated institutions and related businesses will be applied.