Teacher’s In-service Training on Summer/ Winter Vacation

  1.  When applying for in-service training, a training plan and consent letter issued by the destination institution must be presented along with the application form.
  2. All expenses incurred are to be paid solely by the teacher, thus seeking funding from a Government Agency or Academic Institution is strongly suggested.
  3.  A complete final report must be handed in to Personnel Office within 3 months after the training. Failure to do so will result in suspension from future application of this kind.
  4. For more details, please refer to KMU Directions Regarding Teacher’s In-service Training on Summer/Winter Vacation (Chinese Version).


Please submit your application before the deadline noticing in the announcement, late or incomplete applications will not be attended. 

Commonly used forms:  application form,   final report

Personal record of training/continuing education can be checked online in KMU Information System Teacher’s E-portfolio.