Good news!

The School’s annual outing for SY 2019-20 will be reopen for online registration starting June 22, 2020 at Liontravel’s website (Chinese only). The tours offered this time only departure during the period of July 1 to 31, 2020, and are all domestic because of the coronavirus pandemic. Trip may be cancelled if not enough people registered. Each faculty/staff participating in this activity is entitled, once a year, to a subsidy of NT$2,000 plus NT$1,500 for a direct blood relative or spouse (the latter is not applicable for contract personnel). In case the tour fee exceeds the previously mentioned amount, the balance due will be withheld from the person’s paycheck or be paid by his/her own stimulus voucher issued by Taiwan’s government (please consult with Lion Travel’s sales representatives for details).

Please be reminded that cancellation after the registration is completed or no show for no reason might be subject to default penalty. And the default penalty will have to be paid by the person without subsidy. In addition, impersonation is absolutely prohibited lest the faculty/staff involved should end up being disciplined.