Talent Cultivation and Development

Human resources are an important asset of the universities. The talents are the most valuable resources and lifelines of university's development and progress as well as the key factor of University’s long-term operation. A flexible and efficient application of the human resource and talent development are critical and important tasks under the fast global shift and keen competition of the educational industry. In order to cope with the quick changes in competition and challenges of the new era and globalization, KMU links and combines the existing resources and bases effectively, and in line with our share values and future development objectives by carrying out an efficient talents and faculty education and training program actively. Moreover, KMU also encourages faculty to undertake domestic or foreign further education, training and seminars participation, and in so doing all the above in order to help KMU to be more competitive by dedicating itself to long-term development and management of the human resources.

"Education and training program" is one of the key methods in talent cultivation which has far-reaching influence of an organizational operation and development. Education and training plays an important role to the development of individual’s ability, and further stimulates potentials. The education and training programs were designed by tailoring “talent’s individual needs and requirement” as well as KMU’s long term school development plan. The ultimate goals of the program are helping university to:

  1. Create campus sharing value and culture
  2. Increase institutional learning ability
  3. Reinforce professional knowledge, work efficiency and service quality
  4. Create organizational sharing and learning environment
  5. Drive professional, dynamic and creative HR services
  6. Foster managing and administrative talent
  7. Strengthen professional ability and core competency

In addition to on-the-job training, KMU encourages faculty and staff to apply for further education (including degree taking at graduate schools), training and seminars participation and also sending faculty overseas to learn cutting-edge medical research, technology and skill.

While in face of the technological and intellectual currents of quick changes as well as keen competition from striving for outstanding centers and excellent teaching universities, we firmly believe that constant improvement and learning is the only way to keep ourselves in the leading position.

Our university will further provide a well-designed talent cultivation program, train and develop outstanding talents in the field of academic research, professional technology and management ability, in order to prepare for the future keen competition, thereby strengthening and supporting the university's competitive ability, and further development.